Found People Privacy Policy

At Found People, we understand the importance of privacy and keeping personal information safe. We will not share personal information without consent, unless required by law. We follow Queensland Legislation guidelines in the Information Privacy Act 2009.

Personal information is any information that you provide to us about you, or any information referred to us, including (but not limited to) resumes, cover letters, qualifications, certificates, work eligibility evidence, background checks, contact information, photos, portfolios / examples of work etc. Methods to provide us your personal information include (but not limited to): our website (and any affiliate domains owned by Found People), job ads, email, social media, messaging services, mail, phone, conversation, advertising, referrals etc. Using our site means you have read and accepted our Privacy Policy and our Website Terms of Use.

We use personal information to assess suitability for jobs, vacancies and/or other employment opportunities that we have in providing our recruitment services. Services offered on our website including, but not limited to, the Get a Grad program, Build a Resume, Get a Quote, Register & Upload Resume, Job Alerts and other Web Forms collect information to carry out the function of those services, but may also be used in providing our recruitment services. Personal information is stored on our secure databases and IT systems and will only be disclosed with consent where required in providing our recruitment services, unless required by Australian law or a court/tribunal order.

Upon your consent and approval, personal information may be disclosed to potential employers, hiring managers and/or clients of Found People. In cases necessary for us to fulfill our obligations as a labour hire, contract or temp employment agency; our insurers; a professional association or registration body; a workers compensation body; other bodies necessary to fulfill our recruitment obligations.

By emailing you can:

  • Make a complaint and provide relevant evidence of any wrongdoing.
  • Ask us to amend or delete your personal information, in part or in whole.
  • Make a recommendation or follow up a previous correspondence.
  • We love great ideas - share them with us or get us involved!

You can request for your personal information to be amended or deleted (in part or in whole) to any of our communications by replying / responding with your request.

The Get a Grad program is designed to showcase Employer profiles and Graduates on our website for visitors to view and potentially consider for a hiring opportunity. Graduate profiles contain incomplete unidentifiable information while Employer profiles contain information about that company. Personal information is concealed and Found People will facilitate the steps in-between and gain consent from the relevant party to release any personal information. Found People reserves the right to choose, amend, correct, delete or add to, any of the information we receive for the Get a Grad program at our absolute discretion, before making it public on our site.

For any questions and notices relating to our privacy policy, please contact us at:

Found People Pty Ltd